D r e a m S p a r k l e


Volume 1, Number 2



Revolution by the Enlightened Beings



Enlightened beings are the only means

through which mankind may escape the machine.

The enemy is spiritual.

To defeat him through any kind of political “ism”

is not possible.


Hearken now those who are concerned.

Seek the light within

It is only light which can remove the darkness.

The darkness you have fought for so long,

That blinding darkness is nothing

but which lies within you, troubling you,

misdirecting you,

scheming against you,

 driving you to the abyss.


It is that darkness,

which lies within

the minds of those filled with hate and revenge.

It is that darkness,

which drives humans insane.

It is that darkness,

which has shed so much blood on this planet.

It is that darkness,

which makes men do unbelievably cruel deeds and murder.

It is that darkness,

which makes men become killing machines and serial killers.

It is that darkness,

which religion described as the evil one.


Only by defeating him within you

can you become enlightened.

Only through such enlightened souls

can the darkness from this world be removed.

Only with the light that shines within such souls

 can victory be won.


It is that supernatural darkness

that we see in this world.

All kinds of political and economical paradigms,

those are only manifestations

of that dark energy,

emerging as social,



and economical trends.


The real enemy is not any of those,

 and even if you destroy each one of them,

something new will arise to take its place.

Reach out to the root of all evil.

Burn it with the light within.

Only then can the machine be defeated.

Every other attempt will fail.


Such a thing can happen

if politics becomes spiritualized.

A global revolution

forthcoming in the future.

I hope and pray

I see the beginning

before I pass away.


Siva Ratnam